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Our Company

Quanta BioDesign, Ltd. was founded for the purpose of developing and commercializing an extensive line of products for companies involved in drug discovery and diagnostic development programs. The company was founded in 1997 by Paul D. Davis, Ph.D. under the name BioOrganic Technologies, LLC. In the spring of 1999 the name was changed to Quanta BioDesign, Ltd., to better reflect the company’s mission. All of our products are based on our proprietary discrete polyethylene glycol (dPEG®) chemistries, including our processes for making these compounds. Our single molecular weight ethylene glycol conjugation technology, dPEG®, can eliminate common problems found in the development of diagnostic and therapeutic products, such as aggregation and non-specific interactions, poor water solubility, poor delivery, delivery issues/options, short serum half-life, toxicity and antigenicity. The dPEG® product line can be custom tailored to meet specific physical, chemical and morphological requirements in a broad array of diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Quanta BioDesign is involved in developing new cross-linking and labeling chemistries that incorporate the dPEG® technology, and will allow for new approaches in the area of therapeutic and diagnostic development.

Paul’s Story

Paul’s late wife, Susan, died in the spring of 1999 from lung cancer (primary) and bone cancer (metastatic), though she was a nonsmoker. Her death motivated a deeper passion and commitment in Paul to work closely with both diagnostic and therapeutic companies to find new and better solutions to the challenges faced in confronting diseases at all different stages. Paul’s vision is to fully develop the potential and power of a broad range of specifically designed monodispersed (dPEG®) reagents for application in the therapeutic and diagnostic markets. This includes a very active involvement in creating new approaches to detection technologies. Using his passion and creativity, in 1997, Paul pursued his vision by designing chemistry for these markets. His previous experiences in both the R&D and the Manufacturing sides of business at Molecular Probes, Pierce Biotechnology, and Mead Corp., gives him a very practical background for his vision, as well as sound experience for running Quanta BioDesign, Ltd.

Our People

Paul Davis, Ph.D. – Received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Bowling Green State University. He received his B.S. in Chemistry and Physics at Point Loma Nazarene University.

J.K. “Sandy” Mueller, Jr. – Received his B.S. in Engineering, major field Chemical Engineering, from Case Institute of Technology in 1970 and a Juris Doctor Degree from the College of Law at The Ohio State University in 1973. He was an Adjunct Professor of Law at Capital University Law School (1985-1999) where he taught courses in Intellectual Property Law and Patent Law. Sandy is registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. He serves Quanta as its General Counsel, where he oversees all of Quanta’s legal needs, including patents and trademarks.

Alexander Pokora, M.S. – Received his B.S. from Rutgers and his M.S. in Chemistry from The Ohio State University. Alex is the Chief Operating Officer at Quanta BioDesign, Ltd. and is responsible for developing strategy, in conjunction with the Management team and the R&D group for monitoring and growing both the short term and long term sales to maximize the potential of the business. He has extensive experience with marketing, management and research in the chemistry field.

James Guyo, M.S. and MBA – Received his B.S. in Chemistry and Biochemistry from the University of Zimbabwe in 1996 and graduated with an MBA in 2002 and received a M.S. in Chemistry in 2004 from Wright State University. As Senior Scientist he is involved in process development and optimization, research and development and scale-up activities among other things. He also has extensive experience doing contract cGMP.

Matthew Giese, M.S. – Received his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside, a M.S. from Florida State University where he studied Physical Chemistry, and a M.S. from Indiana University–Purdue University at Indianapolis where he focused on the development and application of novel synthetic methodologies. For several years Matt worked as a medicinal chemist at a major pharmaceutical company. November 2010, he joined Quanta BioDesign. In 2012, he was offered the opportunity to manage a laboratory to develop analytical methodologies at a startup in California. In 2015, he made the decision to return to the QBD team as a Senior Scientist. He assists in the development of synthetic routes as well as the design, synthesis, and application of novel dPEG® containing diagnostics and therapeutics.

Janos Simon, M.S. – Received his M.S. in Chemical Engineering from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and is Ph.D. candidate in Chemistry at Georgia Institute of Technology where he developed dyes for all-optical signal processing and voltage sensing. Before starting his Ph.D., he gained industry experience as a chemist conducting custom synthesis. As Senior Scientist, he is involved with product and process development.

Robert Woodman, Ph.D. – Received his B.S. in Microbiology from the University of Southern Mississippi and his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from The Ohio State University. Robert is our Quality Control Manager and a Senior Scientist in Applications Development testing new chemical and biochemical applications of our products. Robert’s combined experience in multiple areas of chemistry and biology give the company a broad, balanced perspective.

Dave Schory, M.S. – Received his B.S. in Chemistry from Allegheny College and his M.S. in Chemistry from Wright State University. Dave comes to us after working for many years as an NMR and cGMP chemist for a major chemical supplier. As a Senior Scientist, Dave is a vital part of the Quality Control team analyzing our dPEG® products.

Pauline Tan, Ph.D. – Received her B.S. in Biochemistry and Chemistry and her Ph.D. in Chemistry from The Ohio State University. Pauline worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Systems Biology at Massachusetts General Hospital before joining Quanta BioDesign. As Senior Scientist working in Applications Development, she develops and tests new chemical and biochemical applications of our products for uses in diagnostics and therapeutics

Adam Fulkert, B.S. – Received his B.S. in Chemistry from The Ohio State University in fall of 2011. Adam is a Process Development Chemist involved in process development and scale-up activities.

Bryan Davis, A.S. – Bryan is our Process Development Chemist and currently involved in the process development and scale up activities as well as general maintenance of lab equipment.

Melissa Vermillion, B.A. – Received her B.A. in Microbiology from Miami University in 1988. Melissa has experience with purification, modification and characterization of proteins, as well as assay development. Melissa worked in contract biochemical research before joining Quanta BioDesign, where she became a member of the Applications Group and is involved in developing new uses for the dPEG® products for diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

Office Staff

Wren Davis – Chief Financial Officer

Selena Cantley – Office Manager

Alison Durso – Support Staff

Mackenzie Waugh – Support Staff

Jackie Gognat– Support Staff