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Featured AQ® Life Science Research Products

Q-Bright® Chemiluminescent HRP Substrates

Q-Bright banner image

  • Q-Bright Endure - Longest signal duration with enough sensitivity for the majority of proteins separated in Western blots.
  • Q-Bright Endure Plus - High sensitivity combined with long signal duration; no other comparable product on the market.
  • Q-Bright Extreme - Ultimate HRP sensitivity down to femtogram/ml or attogram/ml limit of detection.

Coming Soon - Aquora® Fluorescent Dyes

Aquora Dyes, Fluorescently stained cells

  • SuperHydrophilic™ fluorescent dyes with extreme water solubility
  • Aquora Dyes span the spectrum from UV to NIR
  • Superior fluorescent labels for antibodies and other biomolecules
  • Won't cause antibody aggregation or precipitation
  • Increases stability and solubility of labeled antibodies
  • Decreases nonspecific binding in cell and tissue assays

AQ® Secondary Antibodies & Conjugates

AQ Antibody on green background

  • High purity secondary antibodies against the major immunoglobulin types
  • AQ Secondary Antibody Conjugates are made to be SuperHydrophilic with our exclusive dPEG® technology
  • Superior water solubility imparts low nonspecific binding and high sensitivity in assays
  • No other source of secondary antibodies compares to our AQ Antibodies & Conjugates

Featured dPEG® Products

Sidewinder™ Reagents for Payload Delivery

Maleimide-dPEG4-TFP-dPEG24 Sidewinder

  • Sidewinder designs permit one or more payload placements along an extended dPEG® tether with conjugation to a biologic targeting agent via the terminal reactive group
  • The SuperHydrophilic dPEG® tether creates water solubility and helps protect the molecules attached to the reactive groups
  • Sidewinders™ have been used in the design of antibody-drug conjugates to protect the payload from premature cleavage in vivo

Amine & Thiol Reactive Crosslinkers

Mal-dPEG12-NHS ester for home page

  • dPEG® crosslinkers provide a variety of reactivities for conjugating antibodies, proteins, and other molecules
  • The SuperHydrophilic nature of the dPEG® cross-bridge imparts extreme water solubility and low nonspecific binding
  • Conjugates have superior stability and performance in assays and detection applications

Protected Linkers & Building Blocks

Fmoc-N-amido-dPEG12-NHS ester

  • Protected linkers and building blocks can be used to build SuperHydrophilic dPEG® structures
  • Designed with organic protecting groups that temporarily prevent reactions at the protected end, but then can be removed to attach other components
  • Our linkers ensure water solubility of modified molecules or solid phases while creating biocompatibility


Check Out Our New Click Chemistry Review

Click Chemistry graphic, homepage

  • Copper-catalyzed and copper-free reactions
  • Discover how dPEG®-based click reagents can make your click reactions even better
  • We offer the first SuperHydrophilic click chemistry reagents
  • Make surfaces and conjugates hydrophilic even when coupling with hydrophobic copper-free cyclooctyne reactive groups

Proudly Made in the USA

USA flag, Image by D William from Pixabay

High-Quality Bulk Manufacturing

A picture of Quanta BioDesign's three (3) 100 liter reactors for producing dPEG® products at commercial scale.

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