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Quanta BioDesign is the inventor of SuperHydrophilic™ dPEG® technology used to make superior life science reagents and assays.

What Makes dPEG® Extraordinary?

Quanta BioDesign's building blocks and protected linkers enable SuperHydrophilic™ constructs and peptide modifications via our world-famous dPEG® products. Our simple-to-use products transform hydrophobic peptides into hydrophilic products. Moreover, the single molecular weight, discrete-length PEG chain (i.e., dPEG®) simplifies peptide analysis compared to dispersed PEG linkers that contain a range of PEG chain lengths and molecular weights.

Life Science Spotlight

Our Life Science Department utilizes the superior power of dPEG® Technology; setting our products apart from similar research tools.

Linker Architectures as Steric Auxiliaries for Altering Enzyme-Mediated Payload Realease from Bioconjugates.

Four Quanta BioDesign scientists – Matt Giese, Robert Woodman, Greg Hermanson, and Paul Davis – recently wrote an invited chapter for the book Chemical Linkers in Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs), edited by Floris L. Van Delft and John M. Lambert (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2022).

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