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dPEG® Building Blocks & Linkers

Quanta BioDesign's popular line of dPEG® building blocks provides SuperHydrophilic™ linkers of various molecular sizes and designs.  The reagents contain reactive groups or protected functional groups for almost any application.  They can be used to modify particles, create linker arms during peptide or oligonucleotide synthesis, or construct drug payload designs for antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs).

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dPEG® Building Blocks:

Our peptide modification products offers Cbz-, Fmoc-, and boc-protected amino-dPEG®x-acid compounds.  Some of our Fmoc-protected products are available as preactivated (NHS or TFP esters) products.  We also provide methoxytrityl-protected thiol compounds that permit conversion of an amine to a thiol and Fmoc-protected aminooxy products for customers who need to form oxime bonds.  Finally, we offer two novel products that permit easy insertion of a biotin label into a peptide chain.  Discover "the dPEG® difference" with Quanta BioDesign's line of unique building blocks.

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