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Quanta BioDesign, Ltd. is a USA-based manufacturing company with a nearly 12,000 sq ft footprint in Plain City, a beautiful northwestern suburb of Columbus, Ohio, the state capital and largest city. Quanta was built upon the passion, creativity, and vision of our founder, Paul D. Davis, Ph.D., who invented and patented the processes of scalably synthesizing discrete, designable dPEG® reagents. With a passion for creative design and a commitment to commercially scale dPEG® products, we currently operate at single batch sizes from research scale to greater than 100kg. Our continuous process improvement philosophy allows us to manufacture dPEG® reagents for 510k clinical diagnostic systems and FDA-approved drugs. We work closely with our clients and their manufacturing partners to develop commercial-scale specifications and analytical methodology, understand and meet production timelines, and participate successfully in qualification audits. As a privately-held company, we have the freedom to pursue our primary mission of stewardship to our customers through the gifts we possess in utilizing organic chemistry and its application to our growing dPEG® technology. Some of the most basic, troublesome problems in drug and diagnostic development include (a) antigenicity, (b) aggregation, (c) non-specific interactions, (d) aqueous solubility, (e) toxicity, and (f) control of distances in modification and conjugation applications. As the creators, designers, and leading innovators of dPEG® technology, we are committed to developing and manufacturing dPEG® architectures that are best suited to solve these and many other problems and ultimately make a difference in the lives of patients with a vast array of medical conditions.

QuantaBioDesign, Ltd. is an Equal Opportunity Employer
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