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Our selection of dPEG® crosslinkers includes homobifunctional, heterobifunctional, and branched chain architectures with a wide variety of reactive groups. All of the crosslinkers contain our single molecular weight dPEG® chains as crossbridges. The choice of dPEG® spacers can span molecular lengths from 2 to 48 ethylene glycol repeating units to satisfy virtually any application.

The process of bioconjugation often uses reactive crosslinkers to couple two molecules together through a crossbridge or linker arm.  The use of traditional aliphatic crosslinkers can add unwanted hydrophobicity to modified biomolecules and cause aggregation and nonspecific interactions.  By contrast, crosslinking reagents made with our novel, hydrophilic dPEG® groups produce water-soluble compounds, which create conjugates having greater biocompatibility and extremely low nonspecific binding properties.

Process Groups:

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