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Quanta BioDesign, Ltd. was founded for the purpose of developing and commercializing an extensive line of products for companies involved in drug discovery and diagnostic development programs. The company was founded in 1997 by Paul D. Davis, Ph.D. under the name BioOrganic Technologies, LLC. In the spring of 1999 the name was changed to Quanta BioDesign, Ltd., to better reflect the company’s mission. All of our products are based on our proprietary discrete polyethylene glycol (dPEG®) chemistries, including our processes for making these compounds. Our single molecular weight ethylene glycol conjugation technology, dPEG®, can eliminate common problems found in the development of diagnostic and therapeutic products, such as aggregation and non-specific interactions, poor water solubility, poor delivery, delivery issues/options, short serum half-life, toxicity and antigenicity. The dPEG® product line can be custom tailored to meet specific physical, chemical and morphological requirements in a broad array of diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Quanta BioDesign is involved in developing new cross-linking and labeling chemistries that incorporate the dPEG® technology, and will allow for new approaches in the area of therapeutic and diagnostic development.

Paul Davis Ph. D.
President & CEO

Paul’s late wife, Susan, died in the spring of 1999 from lung cancer (primary) and bone cancer (metastatic), though she was a nonsmoker. Her death motivated a deeper passion and commitment in Paul to work closely with both diagnostic and therapeutic companies to find new and better solutions to the challenges faced in confronting diseases at all different stages. Paul’s vision is to fully develop the potential and power of a broad range of specifically designed monodispersed (dPEG®) reagents for application in the therapeutic and diagnostic markets. This includes a very active involvement in creating new approaches to detection technologies. Using his passion and creativity, in 1997, Paul pursued his vision by designing chemistry for these markets. His previous experiences in both the R&D and the Manufacturing sides of business at Molecular Probes, Pierce Biotechnology, and Mead Corp., gives him a very practical background for his vision, as well as sound experience for running Quanta BioDesign, Ltd. Paul received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from Bowling Green State University. He received his B.S. in Chemistry and Physics at Point Loma Nazarene University.

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