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AQuora® Dyes Imaging

AQ Life Sciences is a division of Quanta BioDesign dedicated to creating products for life sciences. Employing the power of our proprietary dPEG® technology we have elevated the performance of the most widely utilized research tools.

Unmatched Hydrophilicity and Performance

Our AQ Secondary Antibodies are highly purified from the best polyclonal antisera.  The antibodies are available with a variety of host species and target species specificities.  The antibodies are affinity-purified using the corresponding immobilized target immunoglobulin and many are further cross-absorbed to eliminate cross-reactivity towards closely related species.

AQ Secondary Antibody conjugates are made using our unique dPEG® technology, which results in unmatched SuperHydrophilic reagents.  Whether it's Biotinylated Antibodies, Antibody-Enzyme Conjugates, or Fluorescently-Labeled Antibodies, our technology creates secondary antibody reagents with unmatched performance and stability.

There are no other sources of SuperHydrophilic secondary antibody conjugates with the properties of AQ Advanced Antibody Technology.


SuperHydrophilic Fluorescent Dyes for Labeling Biomolecules

AQuora fluorescent dyes are powered by our patented SuperHydrophilic dPEG® technology and designed for enhanced biocompatibility and hydrophilicity.  Building upon the core structures of traditional fluorochromes like fluorescein (FITC) and the more advanced sulfonated cyanine dyes, incorporation of the dPEG® yields greater signal to noise ratios and reduced nonspecific binding. The AQuora dyes are available with a variety of reactive groups for conjugation to proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids. The spectral properties of the AQuora dyes are consistent with their core structures ensuring that they remain compatible with common fluorescence detection systems. Our portfolio of AQuora fluorescent dyes and reactive groups can be viewed here.


SuperHydrophilic Streptavidin/Biotin Reagents & Conjugates

We are revolutionizing the Streptavidin/Biotin field by completely redesigning biotinylation reagents and streptavidin conjugates using our novel SuperHydrophilic dPEG® technology.  Traditional biotinylation compounds are hydrophobic and cause antibody or protein precipitation.  Biotin reagents made with SuperHydrophilic linkers eliminate this problem.  Instead of being insoluble in aqueous solution, our biotin compounds are super-soluble.  Antibodies biotinylated with our biotinylation reagents retain stability and will not aggregate or precipitate in aqueous solution.

When our biotinylated antibodies and proteins are combined with our streptavidin conjugates made with our SuperHydrophilic crosslinkers,  they provide performance never before possible using traditional hydrophobic reagents and conjugates.

In addition, our new Fluorescent-Labeled Streptavidin reagents are made with our SuperHydrophilic AQuora Dyes, providing brighter signals with a lower background than when using traditional dyes.

Our Streptavidin-HRP conjugates are also linked through our SuperHydrophilic technology.  The result is complete biocompatibility, high stability, the highest possible signals in assays, and ultra-low nonspecific binding and background.

Ultra-Sensitive Detection for Immunoassays and Western Blots

Our new Q-Bright Chemiluminescent Substrates for HRP detection come in a variety of formulations and working ranges-from nanomolar to attomolar sensitivities.  When matched with the appropriate Antibody-HRP or Streptavidin-HRP conjugate made with our unique SuperHydrophilic technology, the result is extremely high sensitivity and low background in immunoassays and western blots.

The combined benefits of SuperHydrophilic streptavidin or antibody conjugates along with ultra-sensitive detection with our Q-Bright Chemiluminescent Substrates will provide superior performance over any other similar commercial products.  Try them in your application today.

Affinity Proteins and Conjugates with Superior Properties

Our Affinity Proteins product area will be growing soon to include all the major immunoglobulin binding proteins as well as a selection of carbohydrate-binding proteins (lectins).  All of these products will be labeled and conjugated using our unique SuperHydrophilic technology to provide enhanced performance not available elsewhere.

Our current product, Biotinylated Protein A (AQ-70021), can be used to detect and probe rabbit and human antibodies (with a preference for IgG isotypes) in a range of immunoassay applications.  Protein A, isolated from Staphylococcus aureus, is biotinylated using our SuperHydrophilic technology, which is designed to improve solubility, limit non-specific binding, and improve signal-to-noise ratios.  Protein A contains four high-affinity binding sites that can interact with the Fc region of species-specific IgGs in a pH-dependent manner, and biotin has a high binding affinity for streptavidin.  Biotinylated Protein A is useful in western blot, ELISA, and IHC applications among other immunoassays.  For best results, use Biotinylated Protein A in conjunction with our SuperHydrophilic Streptavidin-HRP conjugates and Q-Bright Chemiluminescence detection reagents or AQuora Dye-labeled streptavidin for fluorescent-based detection systems.


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