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Payload Delivery Reagents:

Quanta BioDesign's line of payload delivery reagents includes three important product categories: DOTA-dPEG® bifunctional chelators, Phospholipid dPEG® derivatives; and our exclusive Sidewinder™ dPEG® constructs.

Payload Delivery Reagents

dPEG® Delivery Reagents

Our DOTA products are useful for targeted radioimaging and radiotherapy applications with labeled antibodies.  We designed the phospholipid category of products for use as liposomal and micellar drug delivery vehicles. In addition, our unique Sidewinder™ product line permits highly controlled construction of drug delivery systems with high drug-to-antibody ratios (DARs). With all of these delivery agents, "the dPEG® difference" provides enhanced hydrophilicity and biocompatibility so that modified antibodies retain stability and display low nonspecificity.

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