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Bioconjugate Techniques, 3rd edition, by Greg T. Hermanson, is the essential reference that every biotechnology scientist needs. A recognized, highly respected authority in bioconjugation chemistry, Hermanson’s previous two editions of Bioconjugate Techniques established themselves as “must have” books at every biotech scientist’s lab bench.

This third edition of Bioconjugate Techniques outshines the two previous editions in breadth, depth, and usefulness. From the first chapter (“Introduction to Bioconjugation”) to the last (chapter 24, “Bioconjugation in the study of protein interactions”), this edition of the book is packed with critical details, proven recipes for conducting bioconjugation experiments, important references for each process, example reagents, and much more. Moreover, several hundred full-color illustrations throughout this third edition of Bioconjugate Techniques notably improve presentation of the material compared to previous editions.

New Chapters

Indeed, the new Chapter 1 comprehensively introduces readers who are unfamiliar with bioconjugation to the subject. Chapter 1 should be required reading for every student or professional scientist who is new to the subject of bioconjugation.

Additionally, Chapter 15, of Bioconjugate Techniques, “Immobilization of Ligands on Chromatography Supports,” is a new, wide-ranging chapter in this critically important reference. The chapter begins with a broad look at affinity chromatography and immobilization chemistry. It then discusses the types of solid phase supports used in this type of chemistry. From there, the chapter moves through an extensive, thoughtful discussion of how to activate, modify, and use these valuable, increasingly important chromatography supports.

Discrete PEG PEGylation Reagents Covered

Importantly from our perspective, we at Quanta BioDesign most appreciate Chapter 18, “PEGylation and Synthetic Polymer Modification.” In Chapter 18, Hermanson reviews at length, and touts the benefits of, discrete PEG (dPEG®) PEGylation reagents from Quanta BioDesign. He covers all of the major classes of Quanta BioDesign’s products as of the 2013 publication date.

Useful Recipes and Procedures

Throughout Bioconjugate Techniques, Greg Hermanson provides tested, proven recipes for carrying out successful bioconjugation techniques. Readers can succeed with these protocols without possessing a doctorate in chemistry. They are simple, well-written procedures. Text discussions around the recipes explain possible problems and how to troubleshoot failed reactions.



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