Amino-dPEG®6-acid, product number 10067, is a PEGylated amino acid consisting of a primary amine and a propionic acid on opposite ends of a polyethylene glycol spacer. The PEG spacer is discrete (Ð = 1). Moreover, it is highly hydrophilic. Consequently, it imparts hydrophilicity to conjugates that incorporate it. Furthermore, Amino-dPEG®4-acid is useful in a wide variety of applications. Such applications include peptide synthesis, surface modification, dendrimer construction, and small molecule modification.

Discrete PEG products (sold under the dPEG® trade name) are a particular class of PEG products invented and manufactured by Quanta BioDesign. Because dPEG® products have no dispersity, our customers gain unparalleled control over product development that incorporates PEG linkers and spacers. A complete answer to the question “What is dPEG®?” can be found here. Answers to our most frequently asked questions are on this page.

There are several advantages to using Amino-dPEG®6-acid. The major advantages of using this product include the following:

  • Non-disperse; there is only one length and molecular weight of PEG in the product;
  • A highly pure product that can be characterized easily;
  • Increased water solubility of conjugate molecules;
  • Increased hydrodynamic volume of conjugate molecules;
  • Tremendously improves the flexibility of molecules where it is incorporated into the backbone structure (g., a peptide-PEG construct);
  • Non-antigenic/non-immunogenic;

Both ends of the molecule are available for conjugation. The overall charge of the molecule can be modified by conjugating only one end of the dPEG® spacer. While many different types of coupling reactions effect conjugation, do not use single-step EDC coupling, because this will polymerize the dPEG® product.

In the scientific literature, this product has been used to create a high-drug-load delivery system for Paclitaxel. In applications using other amino-dPEG®-acid products from Quanta BioDesign, our customers have found that these products improve water solubility, eliminate background, or increase the signal-to-noise ratio.

In addition to a dPEG®6 spacer, Quanta BioDesign offers related products containing longer spacers. These products include dPEG®4, dPEG®8, dPEG®12, dPEG®24, and dPEG®36 spacers. Also, we offer an amino-dPEG®24-amido-dPEG®24-acid that consists of two dPEG®24 linkers joined head-to-tail with an amide linkage in the middle.

Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions .75 × .75 × 2 in

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