Bis-dPEG®₂₅-TFP ester




Bis-dPEG®25-TFP ester, product number 10092, is one of Quanta BioDesign’s line of homobifunctional, amine-reactive crosslinkers. A pair of tetrafluorophenyl (TFP) esters that terminate each end of a long, discrete PEG (dPEG®) linker. The TFP esters provide superior resistance to hydrolysis in aqueous media compared to the traditional N-hydroxysuccinimidyl (NHS) esters. For more information, please see TFP Esters Demonstrate Superior Stability. Moreover, TFP esters react rapidly with primary and secondary amines and do not cross-react with other groups. Crosslinking biomolecules in a cellular matrix or lysate is a potential application for this product. However, the various possible applications of Bis-dPEG®25-TFP ester are limited solely by the user’s imagination.

Quanta BioDesign’s dPEG® products are highly pure, with uniform molecular weights and chain lengths. Our products’ purity and uniformity lead to superior performance compared to traditional, dispersed PEG products, as thousands of satisfied customers can attest. We call this “the dPEG® difference.” To learn more about our products, please visit the pages linked below.

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