t-boc-N-amido-dPEG®23-amine, product number 10093, provides two amino groups — a tert-butyl carbamate protects one of the two amines — for reactions with aldehydes, ketones, and carboxylic acids and their active esters. The tert-butyl-carbamate protecting group cleaves rapidly under mild conditions. Because one end of this monodispersed PEG product is protected, the user has tighter control over crosslinking reactions.

What is dPEG®?

The dPEG® tradename is Quanta BioDesign’s signature branding of single molecular weight, discrete-length PEG products. Unlike traditional polymer PEG products, dPEG® products are exact monodisperse PEG products (Ð = 1). Each dPEG® linker has a single molecular weight with a discrete chain length. Moreover, we synthesize our products carefully from highly pure starting materials rather than purify them from a polymeric mixture. To learn more about our products, please visit the following pages:

What is dPEG®?

Frequently Asked Questions (about dPEG® products)

How do I use t-boc-N-amido-dPEG®23-amine?

The free amine end of the molecule reacts with carboxylic acids or their active esters to form amide bonds and with aldehydes and ketones to form reducible Schiff bases. With carboxylic acids, a carbodiimide such as EDC directly couples the amine to the acid, forming the amide. With active esters (for example, NHS or TFP esters) of carboxylic acids, the reaction runs in organic solvents or aqueous buffers using conventional chemistry. After the free amine has reacted, the protected end of the molecule is deprotected with trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) or some other suitable organic acid and then coupled to a carboxylate or active ester as above.

Yuqi Yang, Shizhen Chen, and colleagues used t-boc-N-amido-dPEG®23-amine to develop engineered graphene quantum dots for tumor imaging. Many other uses are possible, including the following:

  • Immobilization of enzymes and antibodies;
  • Construction of supramolecular assemblies; and,
  • Development of biomolecular sensors.

Is bulk scale production of t-boc-N-amido-dPEG®23-amine available?

If you need bulk product in a larger package size than our standard sizes, please contact us for a quote. Our commercial capabilities permit us to manufacture this product at any scale that you need.

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t-boc-N-amido-dPEG®23-amine is a unique water-soluble homobifunctional crosslinker from Quanta BioDesign. The discrete PEG crossbridge simplifies the analysis of conjugates made with this product. The monoprotected homobifunctional diamine allows the user tight control over conjugation reactions.

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