NHS-S-S-dPEG®₄-biotin (cleavable)




NHS-S-S-dPEG®4-biotin, product number 10194, combines biotin with the highly useful properties of single molecular weight discrete polyethylene glycol (dPEG®), a cleavable disulfide linker, and the amine-reactive functionality of N-hydroxysuccinimidyl (NHS) ester. NHS-S-S-dPEG®4-biotin has numerous applications. For examples and discussion of applications of NHS-S-S-dPEG®4-biotin, please click here.

Quanta BioDesign’s dPEG® Technology

Unlike traditional polyethylene glycol (PEG), which is a disperse polymer (Ð > 1), all of Quanta BioDesign’s dPEG® products are single molecular weight products containing a discrete chain length of PEG as a linker, spacer, or modifier. Consequently, our dPEG® products create uniform conjugates. These conjugates exhibit a more straightforward analysis compared to traditional polymer PEG products. For more information about dPEG® products, please visit this page. To get answers to frequently asked questions, please click here.

Biotinylation with dPEG® Products

Biotinylation is the process of attaching biotin to a biomolecule or surface. This process finds extensive use in biotechnology, medical diagnostics, and many other applications. Typical biotinylation reagents such as LC-biotin are hydrophobic. This hydrophobicity creates problems when biotinylating biomolecules since the biomolecular conjugates can precipitate from aqueous solution. To learn more about biotinylation with dPEG® products, please visit our “Biotinylation with dPEG® Products” page.

Commercial Scale Production Is Available for NHS-S-S-dPEG®4-biotin

If you need bulk product in a larger package size than our standard sizes, please contact us for a quote. Our commercial capabilities permit us to manufacture this product at any scale that you need.

Products Related to NHS-S-S-dPEG®4-biotin

NHS-S-S-dPEG®4-biotin is unique among biotinylation reagents. However, Quanta BioDesign also offers a complete line of biotinylation products. The list of these products is here.

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