Bis-dPEG®5-acid, product number 10230, is a short, hydrophilic compound designed for crosslinking amines. Two propionic acid groups terminate either end of a discrete PEG (dPEG®) chain. These two end groups can be coupled directly to amines using a carbodiimide such as EDC. Alternatively, the carboxylate ends can be functionalized as active esters. Reactive groups such as NHS, TFP, PFP, and HOBt are suitable for this purpose. Reaction with various amines then follows then activation step.

The hydrophilic dPEG® spacer imparts water solubility and flexibility to molecules to which it is conjugated. Moreover, conjugates containing dPEG® moieties have increased hydrodynamic volume. Also, the non-immunogenic crosslinker reduces or eliminates the antigenicity of the resulting conjugates.

Peptides, proteins, amine-containing biomolecules, and small molecules with primary or secondary amine groups can all be crosslinked with Bis-dPEG®5-acid. It may also be useful for peptide stapling or as a building block for macromolecular constructs.

Quanta BioDesign is the world’s leading developer and innovator of single-molecular-weight PEG technology. Our dPEG® products are used around the globe in bioconjugation, biotechnology, drug development, nanotechnology, and more. Compounds incorporating our dPEG® reagents typically display superior performance compared to large, dispersed polymer PEG products or commonly used hydrophobic compounds. To learn more about our products, please click the links below:

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