Bis-Maleimide amine,TFA salt



Bis-Maleimide amine, TFA salt, product number 10232, is a crosslinking product. The core of the molecule is the amino acid lysine. Maleimido-propanoate modifies both the α and ε amino groups of lysine. Diaminohexane converts the carboxylic acid of lysine to an amine (as a TFA salt). This is not a dPEG® product; however, it can react with the carboxylic acid termini of dPEG® products to form new products.

Bis-Maleimide amine, TFA salt, is designed to bridge disulfide bonds. The spacer length from maleimide reactive site through the α-amino group to the terminal amine-TFA salt is 17 atoms and 19.1 Å. The spacer length from the maleimide double bond through the ε-amino group to the terminal amine-TFA salt is 21 atoms and 19.6 Å.

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