Amino-dPEG®₁₂-t-butyl ester



Amino-dPEG®12t-butyl ester product number 10281, is a single molecular weight, discrete length polyethylene glycol (dPEG®) crosslinker. The primary amine group on one end of the crosslinker reacts with carboxylic acids to form stable amide bonds. A tert-butyl ester group on the opposite end of the linker protects the amine-reactive carboxylic acid end of the molecule. Trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) effectively removes the protecting group, leaving the propionic acid moiety ready for further reaction.

PEGylation with dPEG® Products

Traditional PEGylation reagents are disperse polymers. These polymers consist of an intractable mixture of different lengths and molecular weights of polyethylene glycol chains. Although PEG provides tremendously beneficial modifications to biomolecules, the complexity caused by polymer dispersity creates enormous challenges to the analysis of the PEG-modified molecules.

In sharp contrast, Quanta BioDesign’s dPEG® products consist of a single, discrete chain length and molecular weight of PEG. The benefits of traditional PEGylation reagents remain. The analytical challenges of dispersed, polymeric PEG are gone.

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Using Amino-dPEG®12t-butyl ester

Amino-dPEG®12t-butyl ester is useful for constructing novel crosslinks. For example, it can be used to modify the C-terminus of a peptide or an acidic amino acid side chain in a peptide. Following TFA deprotection, the carboxylic acid end of the dPEG® can react with a free amine on an amino acid side chain (e.g., lysine) or the N-terminus of another peptide. As another example, the ends of Amino-dPEG®12t-butyl ester can be functionalized with reactive groups that permit novel types of crosslinking reactions. Examples of this type of process with Amino-dPEG®12t-butyl ester exist in the scientific literature in the construction of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs).

Published applications for Amino-dPEG®12t-butyl ester include the following:

Bulk Scale Synthesis of Amino-dPEG®12t-butyl ester is Available

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Amino-dPEG®12t-butyl ester is a water-soluble, unique crosslinker. The single molecular weight dPEG® spacer has no dispersity.

Hydrophobic crosslinkers create more problems than they solve. Traditional disperse polymer PEGylation reagents add unnecessary analytical complexity to conjugates that incorporate them.

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