Product number 10308, Biotin-dPEG®3-TFPA, is a unique product for modifying surfaces and performing other useful functions with a photoactivated dPEG®-ylated biotin compound. The reactive group is the tetrafluorophenyl azide (TFPA), which inserts into C-H bonds following activation with long-wavelength ultraviolet (UV) light (360 nm, UVA). TFPA was developed in the laboratory of Matthew S. Platz in 1992 for use in photoaffinity labeling. The biotin moiety binds tightly with avidin and streptavidin and has proven useful in several different types of applications, including:

  • affinity chromatography;
  • construction of supramolecular platforms for various purposes, including drug delivery;
  • in vivo proximity labeling of proteins and nucleic acids; and,
  • development and testing of microarray diagnostic sensors.

For a fuller discussion of the applications that use Biotin-dPEG®3-TFPA, please visit Photoaffinity Biotinylation With Biotin-dPEG®3-TFPA.

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