m-dPEG®24-MAL, product number 10319, is a thiol-reactive, monodispersed PEGylation reagent used for surface and biomolecule modification. One end of the PEG molecule is methyl-terminated. The opposite end possesses a 3-maleimido propanoic acid functional group that connects to the PEG spacer via an amide bond. The maleimide moiety reacts with sulfhydryl groups by the thiol-Michael addition reaction.

PEGylation with dPEG® Reagents

Quanta BioDesign’s single molecular weight, discrete-chain-length PEGylation reagents (we sell them under the dPEG® tradename) are different from traditional PEGylation reagents.

Most conventional PEGylation reagents are non-uniform (i.e., disperse) polymers. In contrast, Quanta BioDesign’s dPEG® PEGylation reagents have no dispersity (Ð = 1).

Many monodisperse PEGylation reagents are purified from complex polymerization reactions. Contradistinctively, Quanta BioDesign’s dPEG® products are synthesized from high-purity, uniform glycol starting materials. Thus, they are superior in quality to many monodisperse PEG products.

Quanta BioDesign’s dPEG® products provide all of the benefits of conventional PEGylation reagents. However, because our products have no dispersity, they afford the user a more straightforward analysis of conjugates made from them.

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What is dPEG®?

Frequently Asked Questions (about dPEG® products)

How do I use m-dPEG®24-MAL?

m-dPEG®24-MAL modifies surfaces and biomolecules containing free thiol (sulfhydryl) groups using standard maleimide chemistry. m-dPEG®24-MAL is amphiphilic. It dissolves in aqueous buffers and organic solvents such as acetonitrile, dichloromethane, DMSO, DMF, and N, N-dimethylacetamide (DMAC).

The maleimide-thiol reaction is quite fast. At pH 6.5 – 7.5, it is highly specific for sulfhydryl groups. To learn more about the thiol-Michael addition, please click this link.

Published scientific reports using m-dPEG®24-MAL include the following:

  • Modifying surface-accessible free thiols on enzymes to probe enzymatic function;
  • Developing a virus-based drug delivery system; and,
  • Developing probes of cellular redox reactions.

Can Quanta BioDesign Manufacture m-dPEG®24-MAL in Bulk Quantities?

Yes, we can. If you need bulk product in a larger package size than our standard sizes, please contact us for a quote. Our commercial capabilities permit us to manufacture this product at any scale that you need.

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This non-immunogenic dPEG® product is a unique offering from Quanta BioDesign, Ltd. It improves the water solubility and increases the hydrodynamic volume of conjugates made with it. Buy it today and see what you can do with it. Click the “Add to Cart” button now to get started.





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