Biotinoyl-2-Aminobutyric acid



Biotinoyl-2-aminobutyric acid, product number 10356, is a critical building block for Quanta BioDesign’s line of biotinidase resistant dPEG®-biotin products. Biotinidase (EC is an amidohydrolase that breaks the covalent bond between biotin and lysine. Although necessary for healthy in vivo function, biotinidase can be problematic when biotinylated proteins are used in serological assays, since the biotin can be removed from these proteins by endogenous biotinidase.

Developed by D. Scott Wilbur and colleagues at the University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA, product number 10356 combines 2-aminobutyric acid with biotin to create a compound that has the same affinity for avidin/streptavidin as biotin, but with reduced susceptibility to hydrolysis by biotinidase. The 2-aminobutyric acid moiety hinders the activity of biotinidase, thus stabilizing biotinidase activity and preventing the recycling of biotin by endogenous biotinidase. Esterification of the carboxylate moiety with N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) or 2,3,5,6-tetrafluorophenol (TFP) permits easy coupling of the product to a primary amine. Direct coupling of Biotinoyl-2-aminobutyric acid to primary amines is possible using a carbodiimide.

Not every biotinylation application needs Biotinoyl-2-aminobutyric acid; however, it is highly useful for applications where the biotinylated molecule may encounter biotinidase. Cases of such useful applications include therapeutic applications such as pre-targeting tumors and diagnostic applications that use biotinylated antibodies in sera containing biotinidase. Supramolecular constructs that use the powerful biotin-avidin affinity to hold different molecules together will potentially benefit from biotinidase-resistant biotin if the constructs operate in applications where biotinidase could disrupt the supramolecular structure.

This product is not appreciably soluble in water or many common organic solvents. However, it is quite soluble in N,N’-dimethylacetamide (DMAC), and dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO). Quanta BioDesign, Ltd., manufactures and sells derivatives of this product containing dPEG® that provide greatly enhanced water solubility as well as solubility in other common organic solvents. See, PN10202, NHS-dPEG®4-biotinidase resistant biotin, PN10203, TFP-dPEG®4-biotinidase resistant biotin, and PN10204, TFP-dPEG®12-biotinidase resistant biotin for more information about these products.

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