NHS-dPEG®4-(m-dPEG®12)3 ester, product number 10401, is a water-soluble, amine-reactive, single molecular weight, branched PEGylation reagent. The core of this four-armed discrete PEG (dPEG®) product is tris. Three equal-length dPEG®12 branches terminate with methyl groups. A short dPEG®4 arm ends with an amine-reactive N-hydroxysuccinimidyl (NHS) ester. From the terminal carbonyl carbon of the dPEG®4 arm to each terminal methyl group on the dPEG®12 branches, the distance is 66 atoms (51.1 Å) long. This hydrophilic branched dPEG® product adds hydrodynamic volume to the conjugates, which reduces immunogenicity and renal clearance. Moreover, this product reduces or eliminates non-specific binding to conjugates and surfaces.

PEGylation with dPEG® Products

Conventional PEGylation reagents are disperse polymers. With traditional PEG products, the stated molecular weight represents the average of a Poisson distribution of chain lengths and molecular weights of PEG. Dispersity complicates the analysis of conjugates made with these traditional PEGylation products.

Quanta BioDesign’s dPEG® products have no dispersity. In each product, there is a single, discrete length and molecular weight of the PEG chain. For this reason, we sell our products under the dPEG® tradename. Our dPEG® PEGylation reagents are superior to monodispersed PEG products because our products are synthesized from high-purity starting materials rather than purified out of a polymer mixture.

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Using NHS-dPEG®4-(m-dPEG®12)3 ester

The reaction chemistry for coupling a free amine to an NHS ester is standard in almost all bioconjugation labs worldwide. Numerous scientific publications attest to the benefits of NHS-dPEG®4-(m-dPEG®12)3 ester. These reports describe this product being used to:

  • Coat nanoparticle surfaces;
  • Create imaging applications;
  • Develop Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs);
  • Modify PK and BD of biomolecular conjugates;
  • Prevent non-specific binding;
  • Passivate inorganic surfaces such as metal and diamond; and,
  • Develop hemerythrin-based blood substitutes.

Commercial Scale is Available for NHS-dPEG®4-(m-dPEG®12)3 ester

If you need bulk product in a larger package size than our standard sizes, please contact us for a quote. Our commercial capabilities permit us to manufacture this product at any scale that you need.

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NHS-dPEG®4-(m-dPEG®12)3 ester is a unique product from Quanta BioDesign. Its precise construction is possible only because we use single molecular weight dPEG® products. If you need a four-arm amine-reactive crosslinker with uniform molecular weight and structure, then you need NHS-dPEG®4-(m-dPEG®12)3 ester.

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