MAL-dPEG®4-(m-dPEG®4)3, product number 10416, is a sulfhydryl-reactive, branched polyethylene glycol (PEG) product that is useful for modifying surfaces and biomolecules containing free thiols. Quanta BioDesign, Ltd. manufactures this monodispersed PEG product with a single molecular weight and discrete chain length and sells it under the dPEG® tradename. MAL-dPEG®4-(m-dPEG®4)3 increases the hydrophilicity of conjugated molecules; reduces non-specific, hydrophobic interactions; and decreases or eliminates the antigenicity of conjugates. Also, because it is a single molecule, the analysis of conjugates made with MAL-dPEG®4-(m-dPEG®4)3 is simplified compared to the analysis of conjugates prepared with traditional dispersed PEG products.

What is dPEG®?

Quanta BioDesign, Ltd. is the leading inventor, innovator, and industrial producer of single molecular weight, discrete chain-length (i.e., monodispersed) PEG products. Unlike conventional, dispersed PEG products that have a broad range of different molecular weights and PEG chain lengths, our dPEG® products are monodispersed. Thus, our products offer all of the benefits of traditional PEGs while eliminating the analytical difficulties that arise from the complex mixture of products found in dispersed PEG compounds.

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What is dPEG®?

Frequently Asked Questions (about dPEG® products)

Maleimide Chemistry Facilitates Rapid Reactions with Sulfhydryls

The maleimide reactive group reacts rapidly with free thiols (i.e., sulfhydryl groups) in aqueous media at slightly acidic pH. The maleimide-thiol reaction is a type of “click chemistry.” Below pH 7, maleimide groups react specifically with sulfhydryls. However, above pH 7.5, maleimide groups react with free amines in addition to free thiols. This information, along with numerous maleimide reaction protocols, can be found in Bioconjugate Techniques, 3rd edition, by Greg T. Hermanson, which Quanta BioDesign strongly recommends to all of our customers and which we also sell.

Although maleimide-containing compounds are among our most popular conjugation products, we also offer products that use bromoacetyl reaction chemistry instead of maleimide chemistry. If you are interested in this chemistry, please search this website for appropriate products.

Commercial Scale Production is Available

If you need bulk product in a larger package size than our standard sizes, please contact us for a quote. Our commercial capabilities permit us to manufacture this product at any scale that you need.

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