Propargyl amine



Propargyl amine, product number 10510, is an amine-functionalized, three-carbon, terminal aliphatic alkyne. A non-dPEG® product, propargyl amine (formally, prop-2-yn-1-amine) is an alkynyl partner for Quanta BioDesign’s azide-functionalized dPEG®-based click chemistry reagents. Click chemistry using propargyl amine and azides requires catalysis. Copper(I) catalysis leads to the 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition product. Ruthenium catalysis forms the 1,5-dipolar cycloaddition product. The terminal amine can be reacted with any of Quanta BioDesign’s dPEG® NHS or TFP esters or carboxylic acid products to form any desired product.

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Additional information

Weight .5 oz
Dimensions .75 × .75 × 2 in