Aminooxy-dPEG®11-azide.HCl, product number 10538, is a click chemistry crosslinker. The azide end of the linker reacts with aliphatic or cyclic alkynes through copper-catalyzed (CuAAC), or strain-promoted, copper-free (SPAAC) click chemistry to form a triazole ring. The molecule’s aminooxy end (sold as an HCl salt) reacts with aldehydes and ketones to form oxime bonds.

Quanta BioDesign is the world’s leading developer and innovator of single-molecular-weight PEG products. Using our patented synthetic processes, we make uniform (also known as “monodispersed”) PEG products of high purity and quality, which we sell under the dPEG® (for “discrete PEG”) tradename. Companies around the globe use our products in therapeutics, clinical diagnostics, drug development, nanotechnology, and more because of their exceptional performance compared to commonly used hydrophobic compounds and traditional, dispersed polymer PEG products. We call this superior performance, “the dPEG® difference.” To learn more about our products and how they can help you solve your development challenges, please click the links below:

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