Azido-dPEG®36-OH (Azido-dPEG®36-alcohol), product number 10544, is a monodispersed click chemistry PEGylation reagent that can modify surfaces or biomolecules or crosslink molecules. Azide and primary alcohol functional groups terminate opposite ends of the monodisperse PEG spacer. The terminal azide reacts in copper(I)-catalyzed, ruthenium-catalyzed, and strain-promoted azide-alkyne cycloaddition reactions (CuAAC, RuAAC, and SPAAC, respectively). If left unmodified, the alcohol group increases the water solubility and hydrodynamic volume of molecules and surfaces to which it is conjugated. Modifying the alcohol with a reactive group allows Azido-dPEG®36-OH to function as a crosslinker.

PEGylation with dPEG® Products

Quanta BioDesign’s dPEG® products have no dispersity. Rather than purify our products from a complex, disperse PEG mixture, we synthesize them from high purity starting materials. The final products have a single molecular weight and a discrete chain length, which is why we sell them under the dPEG® tradename. For more information about our dPEG® products, please visit our “What Is dPEG®?” and “Frequently Asked Questions (about dPEG® products)” pages.

Click Chemistry with dPEG® Products

Quanta BioDesign offers a broad range of dPEG® products for click chemistry reactions. To see our complete list of click chemistry products, please click here. To learn more about click chemistry, please visit our Click Chemistry with dPEG® Reagents.

Using Azido-dPEG®36-OH

Azido-dPEG®36-OH is useful in CuAAC, RuAAC, and SPAAC (also known as “copper-free click chemistry”) reactions. Organic solvents, water, or aqueous buffer will work as the reaction medium because the product is amphiphilic. In 2014, Daniel Zewge et al. demonstrated the use of Azido-dPEG®36-OH in the high-throughput modification of siRNA via CuAAC with nucleic acids that contained alkyne groups.

Because it is water-soluble, Azido-dPEG®36-OH imparts hydrophilicity to conjugates made with it. The terminal hydroxy group can be left unmodified or coupled to a reactive group. If coupled to a reactive group, the product then functions as a crosslinker.

Bulk Scale Synthesis of Azido-dPEG®36-OH is Available

If you need bulk product in a larger package size than our standard sizes, please contact us for a quote. Our commercial capabilities permit us to manufacture this product at any scale that you need.

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Azido-dPEG®36-OH is a water-soluble click chemistry reagent that modifies conjugate properties and can function as a crosslinker. The monodispersed dPEG® spacer has a single molecular weight and a discrete chain length.

Hydrophobic crosslinkers and click chemistry reagents create more problems than they solve. Traditional disperse polymer PEG crosslinkers add unnecessary analytical complexity to conjugates that incorporate them.

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