Hydroxy-dPEG®₁₂-t-butyl ester



Hydroxy-dPEG®12-t-butyl ester, product number 10719, is a monodisperse PEGylation reagent that is useful as a building block for a variety of different functional groups. The core of the molecule is a single molecular weight, discrete-length polyethylene glycol (dPEG®) chain. One end of the product terminates with a hydroxy group, while the other terminus is a propionic acid group protected as a tert-butyl ester. Many different functional groups, such as azide, amine, thiol, tosylate, or mesylate (among many others), readily modify the terminal hydroxy group. The t-butyl ester deprotects readily with trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) to expose the propionic acid group, which then can form amide bonds with amino groups.

PEGylation with monodispersed dPEG® products

Quanta BioDesign’s monodisperse PEG reagents sold under the dPEG® trade name are single molecular weight PEGylation reagents with discrete chain lengths. Unlike disperse PEGylation reagents that contain a variety of PEG chain lengths and molecular weights, our dPEG® products have no dispersity. Consequently, the analysis of conjugates made with our products is far simpler and less time consuming than conjugates prepared with PEG products that have dispersity.

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Using Hydroxy-dPEG®12t-butyl ester

Because we cannot anticipate every need our customers have or stock every product they may want, we designed Hydroxy-dPEG®12-t-butyl ester and similar products to allow our customers to develop the discrete PEGylation reagents that they need. The terminal hydroxy group reacts readily to form many different functional groups such as tosylate, mesylate, and azide as well as many other groups. TFA rapidly removes the t-butyl ester group, leaving the propionic acid group exposed. Functionalization of the acid with N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS), tetrafluorophenol (TFP), or other acylating agents allows the acid to form amide bonds with free amines. The acid also couples directly to free amines using a carbodiimide such as EDC.

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