m-dPEG®4-thiol, product number 10792, is a monodisperse PEGylation reagent designed to modify gold and silver surfaces or biomolecules that contain free, surface-accessible thiols. One end of the spacer terminates with a methyl group, while the other end terminates with a sulfhydryl. The sulfhydryl group forms dative bonds with gold and disulfides with free thiols under non-reducing conditions.

This product is useful for the passivation of gold surfaces. The hydrophilic, non-immunogenic dPEG® spacer eliminates non-specific interactions with the gold surface.

If reacted with free thiols on biomolecules, m-dPEG®4-thiol forms disulfide bonds. Moreover, the resulting conjugates display improved water solubility and increased hydrodynamic volume. Furthermore, conjugation of this product with biomolecules potentially reduces or eliminates non-specific interactions and immunogenicity.

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