m-dPEG®4-Lipoamide, product number 10799, is a short, amphiphilic, methyl-terminated, monodisperse PEG product designed to modify metal surfaces such as gold or silver. The primary application of this product is the stable passivation of metal surfaces through the use of lipoic acid, which forms two dative bonds with gold or silver, conjugated to a short, monodispersed PEG spacer. Because the terminal dithiolane unit forms two dative bonds with metals, it is consequently more stable on the metal surface than comparable compounds containing a single sulfhydryl group that can create a dative bond.

What is dPEG®?

The dPEG® tradename describes Quanta BioDesign’s brand of monodispersed PEG products. Our products have no dispersity (Ð = 1). Instead, they are single molecular weight PEG products with discrete chain lengths. Starting from high-purity reagents, we build all of our dPEG® products using traditional tools of organic chemistry. We carefully maintain product purity throughout multiple synthetic steps.

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What is dPEG®?

Frequently Asked Questions (about dPEG® products)

Application of m-dPEG®4-lipoamide

m-dPEG®4-lipoamide was designed for stable passivation of gold or silver surfaces. For useful surface coating, it may prove helpful to create a mixed layer consisting of m-dPEG®4-lipoamide and another, longer dPEG® product with a lipoamido group on one end and reactive, affinity, or other functional groups on the opposite end. Thus, the short m-dPEG®4-lipoamide will form a uniform coating of methyl-terminated PEG above the metal surface, and the longer dPEG® product will rise above the dPEG® coating intermittently throughout the surface layer.

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