m-dPEG®48-amine, product number 10918, is a methyl-terminated PEG amine compound. The PEG is a water-soluble, single molecular weight PEG product with a discrete chain length (dPEG®). Carboxylic acids and their active esters react with the amino terminus to form amide bonds. Also, the amino terminus reacts with aldehydes and ketones, forming Schiff bonds, which are reducible to secondary amines. Uses for m-dPEG®48-amine include modification of acid-functionalized surfaces and free carboxylic acid groups on biomolecules.

Published Uses of m-dPEG®48-amine

m-dPEG®48-amine is potentially useful in numerous applications. Such applications include the following:

  • Passivating nanoparticle surfaces, including the surfaces of carbon nanotubes and graphene oxide;
  • Creating a non-immunogenic “stealth” coating for liposomes and micelles;
  • Increasing the hydrodynamic volume of small molecules, including peptides and antibody fragments; and,
  • Increasing the water solubility of hydrophobic molecules.

During the development of a thiol-specific monosulfone reagent, m-dPEG®48-amine was used to create highly defined conjugates with specific molecular weights. These conjugates were used to analyze the efficiency of site-specific conjugation of the new monosulfone reagent to thiols. (Please note that in the paper, the authors referred to the product as “discrete PEG amine” and not by the product name.)

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Bulk Scale Production of m-dPEG®48-amine is Available

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PEGylation with dPEG® Products

Conventional PEGylation reagents are disperse polymers. These PEG products consist of intractable mixtures of different chain lengths and molecular weights of polyethylene glycol. This complexity confounds the analyses of conjugates made with traditional PEGylation reagents.

Quanta BioDesign invented discrete PEG products (sold under the trade name dPEG®). For over twenty (20) years, we have been the leading developer, innovator, and manufacturer of these products. Our dPEG® products are synthesized from high-purity starting materials. Each dPEG® product contains a single PEG chain with a defined molecular weight.

Because our products have no dispersity, they provide all of the benefits of traditional PEGs without the inherent difficulties that are associated with conventional PEG products. For a more detailed description of dPEG® products and technology, please visit our “What is dPEG®?” page. For answers to our most frequently asked questions, please click here.

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