MAL-dPEG®12-Tris(-dPEG®24-acid)3, product number 11451, is a thiol- and amine-reactive, four-arm, monodispersed PEG with one arm shorter than the other three. This product is useful for charge modulation and elimination of renal clearance in drug delivery and imaging applications, among others. The dPEG® spacer length is from the maleimide olefin to the carbonyl carbon on each of the three long arms.

What is dPEG®?

The dPEG® tradename is Quanta BioDesign’s brand for monodisperse PEG products. The name “dPEG®” stands for “discrete PEG” because each dPEG® product contains only one length and molecular weight of PEG in the product. Our dPEG® products are quite different from traditional PEGylation reagents, which are disperse polymers.

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What is dPEG®?

Frequently Asked Questions (about dPEG® products)

Architecture and Use of MAL-dPEG®12-Tris(-dPEG®24-acid)3

MAL-dPEG®12-Tris(-dPEG®24-acid)3 is a monodispersed branched PEG compound built around a tris core. From the maleimide olefin to carbonyl carbon immediately before the tris core is 46 atoms. From the tris core to the carbonyl carbon on each branch is 83 atoms. The total linker length is 129 atoms.

The maleimido group that terminates the short arm of this product reacts with sulfhydryl groups to form thioether bonds. It conjugates directly to target biomolecules. The terminal carboxylic acid groups can be modified with various functional or reactive groups (e.g., NHS, TFP esters) or used as-is for charge modulation.

As a charge modulator, Ding, Carleton, Povoski, et al. (see the references section on this page), showed that this product, when conjugated to an antibody (CC49), altered the biodistribution of the conjugate, leading to improved microPET/CT imaging in mice.

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