MAL-dPEG®12-Tris(m-dPEG®24)3, product number 11471, is a thiol-reactive, methyl-terminated, four-arm monodispersed PEG product designed to modulate biodistribution of conjugates. Tris forms the core of the molecule. Three equal-length methyl-terminated long arms plus one maleimido-terminated short arm extend from the tris core. The amphiphilic PEG imparts hydrophilicity to conjugates, reduces or eliminates the conjugates’ antigenicity, and increases the hydrodynamic volume of conjugated molecules. Applications for this product include eradicating renal clearance, maintaining in vivo circulation for more extended periods, and suppressing immune responses to conjugates.

PEGylation with dPEG® products

Quanta BioDesign sells its single molecular weight, discrete chain length PEG products under the dPEG® tradename. These monodispersed PEG products are not purified from a polymeric mixture but synthesized from high-purity starting materials. By contrast, traditional PEG products are dispersed polymers (Ð > 1). These dispersed PEGs may consist of dozens to hundreds of PEG oligomers, which can make the analysis of conjugates rather challenging.

Our dPEG® products provide all of the benefits of traditional PEG products without analytical headaches. By simplifying the analysis of conjugates, our customers save time, money, and aggravation.

Moreover, our dPEG® products consistently demonstrate superior performance to conventional PEGs. We call this “the dPEG® difference.”

The maleimido group of MAL-dPEG®12-Tris(m-dPEG®24)3 reacts specifically with sulfhydryl groups at pH < 7.5. Antibodies, including Fab’ fragments and diabodies, can be modified site-specifically in a controlled manner using this product. The conjugate thus formed can then be characterized better.

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