Protein A, Biotin


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Biotinylated Protein A (21-0312-0102), can be used to detect and probe rabbit and human antibodies, with a preference for IgG isotypes in a range of immunoassays. Protein A, isolated from Staphlococcus aureus, is biotinylated using our SuperHydrophilic technology designed to improve solubility, limit non-specific binding and improve signal to noise ratios. Protein A contains four high-affinity binding sites that can interact with the Fc region of species specific IgGs in a pH-dependent manner and biotin has a high binding affinity for streptavidin. Protein A, Biotin is useful in Western blot, ELISA, IHC applications among other immunoassays. For best results, use Protein A, Biotin in conjugation with our SuperHydrophilic Streptavidin-HRP conjugates and Q-Bright chemiluminescence detection reagents or Aquora dye labeled streptavidin for fluorescent-based detection systems.

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