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What is dPEG®?
The term “dPEG®” is Quanta BioDesign’s trademarked acronym for “discrete polyethylene glycol” or “discrete PEG”.

Links to superior performing applications using dPEG®s:

Biotinylation with dPEG® Products
Biotinylation is one of the most common labels used today. Quanta BioDesign's biotin-dPEG® products improve both the biotinylation process and conjugates made with dPEG®-biotin.

Bromoacetyl Reaction Chemistry
Our dPEG® products enhance conjugates made using bromoacetyl-thiol reaction chemistry.

Cleavable Biotin Reversible Labeling
Quanta BioDesign offers reversible biotinylation products that permit removal of the biotin label once it is no longer needed.

Click Chemistry with dPEG® Products
This is a comprehensive review of click chemistry and our click chemistry products.

DOTA-tris-tBE or DOTA-tris-acid
Choosing the right form of our DOTA-dPEG® products is vital to the success of your radioimaging or radiotherapy application. Choose wisely with this informative page from Quanta BioDesign.

Maleimide Reaction Chemistry
The maleimide-thiol reaction is a form of click chemistry and one of the most popular bioconjugation chemistries used today. Some of the critical details of this reaction explained here help our customers make the best use of our maleimide-dPEG® products.

Oxime and Hydrazone Reactions
Scientists employ oxime and hydrazone bonds frequently in bioconjugation chemistry. Quanta BioDesign offers products that effectively facilitate the formation of these bonds for bioconjugation applications.

Photoaffinity Biotin dPEG®3 TFPA
Photoaffinity-based biotinylation is possible! Learn more about this unique, useful product from Quanta BioDesign and how to use it in various applications.

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