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Quanta BioDesign,Ltd. owns self-developed technologies, material and information, as well as accompanying patents, patent applications, know how and practical knowledge for the production of discrete polyethylene glycols, dPEG®s, and related products.

The following are standard terms of trade and are an integral part of all quotations and sales of Quanta BioDesign,Ltd. to customers, buyers and business enterprises:

  1. By placing a Purchase Order, the customer accepts the standard Terms and Conditions of Sale of Quanta BioDesign, Ltd. as binding.
  2. Payment terms of sale are net 30 days of date of invoice, unless otherwise stated.
  3. Products sold are solely for the use by qualified individuals who are experts in tier fields for laboratory use only and are not interned to be used for any other purposes, including but not limited to , in vitro diagnostic purposes, in foods, drugs, medical devices, cosmetics or commercial use. Customer represents and warrants to Quanta BioDesign,Ltd. that the buyer will properly use any products purchased from or materials produced from products made or purchased from or materials produced from products made or purchased from Quanta BioDesign, Ltd. in strict compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
  4. Nothing in terms of trade or quotation of orders by Quanta BioDesign, Ltd. may be interpreted such that they would result in the assignment of rights of use by Quanta BioDesign,Ltd. technology by the customer.
  5. A separate licensing agreement/supply agreement between Quanta BioDesign,Ltd. and its customer will be necessary for the use of Quanta BioDesign,Ltd. products in applications beyond laboratory use.
  6. Goods may not be returned for credit except with Quanta BioDesign, Ltd.’s permission. Customer has 20 business days to report any inconsistencies with shipment. Due to the cost of re-qualifying product, there is a charge of $250 for each previously un-opened vial/bottle that is returned. No previously opened product will be accepted. Please note there are no returns on bulk quantity purchases.
  7. Quanta BioDesign, Ltd’s products are subject to US export laws, treaties, rules international agreements and regulations. All customers purchasing Quanta BioDesign,Ltd.’s products assume the responsibility of abiding by US export laws, treaties, rules international agreements and regulations along with applicable foreign laws.

Please Note: International customers are responsible for any international customs, duties or taxes on merchandise delivered to addresses outside the United States. These amount are not included in the shipping charges shown on invoices and will be billed to the customer separately by the chosen carrier, if applicable.

* Sidewinder dPEG® Constructs/Branched dPEG® PK Modifiers are available for evaluation under an MTA.

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