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Welcome to Our New Look!

"Welcome to the Future" sign. This sign contains white lettering on a green background. It is used to welcome visitors to the new Quanta BioDesign website.

Welcome to Our New Look!

Welcome to Quanta BioDesign’s new website! If you are a new visitor to our site, welcome! We are always glad to have new visitors. Quanta BioDesign, Ltd. makes and sells single molecular weight (i.e., monodispersed) PEG products with discrete chain lengths under the dPEG® tradename. We were the first company to focus on making and selling these products, and we remain the innovation and sales leader in this field. Our products are distributed worldwide by major scientific distributors.

If you are a returning visitor to Quanta BioDesign’s website, you undoubtedly noticed that we have a new look. This new website has been in development for some time, and like any large project, it is the result of the combined efforts of many people. On the Quanta BioDesign team, we thank Selena Cantley, Vanessa Montijo, Jen Eckelberry, and Greg Hermanson for their efforts in creating the new look and feel of Quanta We thank Paul and Wren Davis for pushing the project forward through moments of frustration and the occasional “Okay, so now what do we do?” We also thank Dan Nicol at 2029 Web Development for the work he did to give us a website that looks nice and works well.

What’s New on Quanta BioDesign’s website?

So what’s new on the Quanta BioDesign website? Well, we have new graphics and a new color scheme. That will be obvious everywhere throughout the site. Also, we have a fresh look and feel for our product listings. For example, take a look at our listing of biotinylation products. Many of our products now have descriptions of what they are and what they do. Take a look at Bioconjugate Techniques, 3rd edition, and product number 10214, MAL-dPEG®4-NHS ester, one of our top-selling dPEG® products.

We have revamped the online information we give our website visitors about our company and products. The “What is dPEG®?” page provides a new, expanded explanation of our products. We have revised and expanded our “Frequently Asked Questions” section.” We are creating educational pages for our products. You can see those when you click this link. More pages are in progress as of this writing. Also, the Quanta BioDesign blog, which has lain dormant for some time, has been renamed QTalk. Fresh content will be coming regularly to the blog. Additionally, we have a new menu item for company news and announcements, named QNews.

What is in development?

We are looking for ways to expand the useful offerings on this website. Do you have suggestions for additional content for the site? If so, would you please drop us a line at We want to hear from you!

Do you have comments about this new website look and feel? We want to hear from you also. Please send us your comments and any suggestions for improvements to our SocialMedia email address.

Finally, do you follow us on social media? Did you know that we are on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn? If you are on any of these three social media channels, please take a moment to follow us there.

And again, welcome to our new website!

About the Author

Robert H. Woodman, Ph.D., has been with Quanta BioDesign for over 15 years, starting when the company was still a startup in a garage. He has filled many positions in the company over the years, including production chemist, applications scientist, and Quality Control (QC) Manager. Robert now works with the company’s online marketing team. He still advises QC and develops analytical methods as required. Robert has made, analyzed, or worked with most of Quanta BioDesign’s products and, therefore, is often the person who will answer customers’ product questions. He loves to read scientific literature and write about science. You can connect with him on LinkedIn at

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